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well where do i start? i know let me start with the day i picked up the phone and actually believed these people and that they said i had an unpaid debt to pay and threatened to take me to court if i didnt set up a payment plan that day. They are all a bunch of scam artists that i gave nearly 500 dollars of my hardworking money to and now will never see that money again because leonard potillo is... Read more

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i worked for wrs for 8 months and just want to say that the when we called these people we were only doing what we were told and we were told these are validated debts and that anything anyone says to us is just an excuse or stall tactics. i did what i was doing under the understanding that it was all legit then the feds came in. i want to apologize to all those people i talked to and got... Read more

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I used to work for wrs. It's the worst job I could ever apply for. They bought debt that was already paid and tried to get more money for. Now the owner is going to jail due to the feds kicking everybody out of the office for schemes. I feel sorry for the people I called to try and get them to pay a bill that was already paid for. Now since the owner is under investigation they are putting a hold... Read more

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I had an old bank account that was sent to collections after I couldn't make any more payments to the bank itself. World Recovery bought the account in 2011. Yesterday was the first time that they have ever contacted me. They will not provide any information conerning this debt unless I agree to a payment schedule. They are trying to charge me 200% interest. $120.00 debt they want $360.00.... Read more

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Phone call number from an 877 area code. The woman ask if I was---------. I said yes and she ask me to verify my social security number. I ask her what it was about and she refused to tell me unless I gave her my social security number. I told her I wasn't about to give out my social security number until I knew what this phone call was about. She ask me again for my number and told me she... Read more

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Customer service reps ask for the debt to be paid. When explained situation and need to obtain information on what caused the debt = no help, refusal, transfer to manager. The managers over multiple attempts provide no information, do not understand K-3 words in short sentences, and conclude you refuse to pay the debt or else, when you are desperately trying to resolve it but need information.... Read more

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They called my cell phone many times, and then I called back and told them that they had the wrong number. She said snootily, "Do you even know who we're looking for?!?!". I said, "Nooo," being 13 after all. But I did know from a previous voicemail, "So, we said ***** **********," and then she said," OK BYE!" Ruuudddeee! I do not appreciate the attitude used by the employee, although I do... Read more

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This company are calling me and ask me about my last four digits of my SS number and the last person that call, told me that they will damage my credit if I do not paid, but they don't tell me what kind of debt I suppose to have with them and who they are representing in case that they are representing some body in specific. The person was very rude and threatening with me. I think that some body... Read more

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I got a call About a debt i owed. it was pretty old but it was mine. The agent i spoke to was very nice and helped me resolve the account. I even got a small discount off the total. I wish they had never found me , cause i had already fogotten about owing it. But at least the helped me out and were cool about it. I have been unemployed off and on and times have been tuff. i wish the other... Read more

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