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A lady called representing "world recovery services" , a man in the background kept asking questions and she would deliver whatever he was saying. I Finally got him on the phone and upon trying to get information, I figured out it was a collection agency and I began to put him in his place.

when I asked for his name I kept trying to clarify the last name. He became irrate and told me that I need to grow up and learn to pay my bills.

Now how is that possible on an account I closed personally with no balance!? Fraud is real America, be careful.

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April 2, 2014 I returned a call to World Recovery Service and I am so sorry that I did. This woman had called me to collect a debt on a checking account that I've never had.

I was unable to say much to her because she, then another woman, did nothing more than scream at me about payment. Due to two identity thefts, I have dealt with collection agencies before and I actually found the people fairly cooperative in working with me to resolve the problem of fraud. World Recovery Service staff was not to be interested in resolving a problem, but were(are) only interested in hollering about payment.

So disrespectful and such awful tactics to collect. This is the agency that Wachovia is using; I strongly suggest Wachovia find another agency to represent them, an agency staffed with normal people.

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