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I worked here. This company is owned by Len Potillo with UCR and a midget coke head named mike Newkirk.

They used to be owned my mike scat and called regent. I think they have always really been owned by the UCR guy. Their phone system sucks!!! They won't let us leave messages.

They insist that everybody pay in full on each call or be fired. Don't be mad at the person you are speaking to. Mthey are just doing our job. They make us demand payments with no documents except a copy of an affidavit that looks fake.

I am pretty sure that most of these people actually owe. It is not our fault they won't let us leav e messages and we have to demand full payment or be fired.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Don't pay any of these Collection Agencies...... 95% of the time they are collecting zombie debt..

They buy an old account that was charged off , which means the creditor gets to claim a tax write off loss. That means they collected. So they sell the account to a low life collection agency for pennies on the dollar without documentation. These collection agencies are required by law to produce documentation in the form of original contract signed by you and payment history reports.

Just keep in mind you NEVER signed a contract with them only the original creditor which got reimbursed already in the form of tax or insurance relief. If you get called by them just inform them they need to validate the debt. Which by LAW they have to do. Validating the debt requires all the aforementioned documentation.

Almost every case they don't have it. In which case they must cease and desist from collecting from you. If they persist you can sue them for damages under the FDCPA. Best thing to do is get a copy of your credit reports from all 3 agencies and see which accounts have been charged off and then dispute the collection agency trying to collect them.

The agencies are required by law to send validating letters to the collection agencies and 9 times out of 10 they can't validate it so it must come off your credit report by LAW.

Good Luck I know just about everyone wants to pay their debts but you have the LAW on your side so exercise it.

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