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This company called my cell phone today claiming they are trying to collect a debt from an old bank I had in 2006 which I closed down in 2007/2008. The bank (name withheld) sucked, always screwed up my deposits and overdrafted me all the time because of their internal errors which is why I dropped them.

Instead of closing out my account, they continued to overdraft me for account fees. I contacted several times to get the matter resolved but they refused.

I joined in a class action suit because of the fraud committed by this bank and of course they lost and had to pay back millions of dollars. When I told the caller I didn't owe them any money and the account was closed and I never received notice of any alleged debt, she hung up on me.

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This company is ***. The owners/officers should be in jail. They don't have and can't get accredited by the BBB because of shady business practices and numerous violations of the FDCPA.

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