I used to work for wrs. It's the worst job I could ever apply for.

They bought debt that was already paid and tried to get more money for. Now the owner is going to jail due to the feds kicking everybody out of the office for schemes.

I feel sorry for the people I called to try and get them to pay a bill that was already paid for. Now since the owner is under investigation they are putting a hold on everybody's checks.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #837251

Unfortunately im one of the people that fell for this s@it scam and gave about 500 bucks to them and then this happens im in complete shock and have been trying to figure out if there is a way i can get my money back from them. Anyone who has information or can help with that please let me know

Deltona, Florida, United States #834117

ugh i know we are never going to get paid for the last week we worked there. this has got to be the worst friggin job ive ever had.

i feel horrible for helping them to stea from ppl like that. even though we had no idea it was a scam, it still hurts my heart to know thAt i stole from ppl who didnt have the money to begin with.

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