The dumb *** @ World Recovery Services : 1-877-365-0025 & 877-447-6411

those *** incompetent idiots keep calling my telephone# asking for an alexander bowen who doe not own my telephone #.Leaving a msg for me to waste my time & breath to tell them that I have no knowledge of who that person is & leave rude msg's in my voice mail box expect me to help them incompetent ***'s out?


They need to cease calling my # as the Federal Trade commission need to look into their illegal practices of calling individuals & wasting my time to help them find a non existent person at my number.

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Busted! http://www.wftv.com/news/news/local/federal-agents-raid-collection-agency-lake-mary/ngHBj/


Who are these people?I got a call from them today.

I have no idea who they are and what they wanted. Didn't leave a message. All I got was the name of the company.

I am currently paying off the only thing that I have outdated.hmmmm

Houston, Texas, United States #800842

So disgusted by this company!!!!All I was trying to do was get more information for my husband because he did not remember the acct.

Not only did they refuse to send me the acct info, which by law they have to if I request it, they hung up on me numerous times. An refused to let me speak with a supervisor. We have no problem paying the acct we just wanted to make sure that it was his. They just kept yelling it was a refusal to pay and hung up.

Very rude, unprofessional, and a bunch of no class idiots!:(

Denver, Colorado, United States #784999

I am Alexander Bowen.My number is 916-730-3335.

Have them give me a call.

I was googling my name and this popped up.I do have some old debts , but I thought they forgot about them.


This company called me and immediately asked what prevented me from paying my debts - without telling me who they were, what the debt was for or how much the debt was for.Once they gave me info on the debt I informed that I never had an account w/ the said company.

The woman on the phone grew nasty and made several smart remarks. I asked that they send me something in writing and I would pay upon receipt of that. She then went on a tangent about how they already have mailed things many times- they dates she gave were from 5 years ago! I confirmed my address and asked them to mail again and stated w/ all of the identity theft going on I thought this was fair.

She then replied "I already have all of your information wouldn't that be *** for me to call you?" At that point I asked for a manager. He was even worse. Literally screaming at me. Saying things like " I demand that you listen." "Now what you are going to do is shut up and listen to me!" Who talks to someone this way?

It was completely ridiculous.I called the Attorney General & Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint.


World recovery Systems is 100% a scam.World recovery have contact me in reference to a debt that is not mines also.

I have contact the original credit and they example: My balance as of 1999 is zero and owe them no money; and the debt is not on my credit file. This morning was called again by world recovery (after blocking all their other numbers) in reference to the same debt. The representative was very rude and before she hung up on me....her reply was *** you madam! Called back to complain and not call me again.

I have A-1 credit.World Recovery close...sound like a group of *** artist trying to get money out of people!


World recovery Systems is 100% a scam to get your SSN and see if you will pay them. They need to be stopped.


These *** have been calling my number for 6 months straight.Each time I till them that whomever they are looking for does not live at this address.

I wonder how they got my info as I have had the same number for 20yrs.Any ideas on how I can make them go away?

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #732442

World recovery service is just as bad to debtors as they are to their employees don't feel bad

to Wrs ***ks Sanford, Florida, United States #745620

totally correct!!! :upset

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