I got a call about a checking acct that I closed over 4 YEARS ago. I asked where all these charges came from and they couldn't tell me.

When I would ask how I could find out they would just tell me what I needed to do was pay. A manager came on the phone (I didn't request it) and just told me the same thing. I told her I wanted to research it or at least get some info first before just handing over my money for something that hasn't even appeared on my credit (again it's been 4 YEARS). She just said "Well good luck with that." And then hung up on me.

I mean seriously, I currently work in a call center and I understand people can be difficult, but that was completely unnecessary and uncalled for.

I will not be paying them. If they want to take me to court over $127 then Gomez but it won't happen because it won't be worth it for them Trust me, I know, I work on the other side.

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